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Mural Services



Various art services to meet your needs:

  • Custom Murals
  • Faux & Pattern Finishes
  • Hand Painted Borders
  • Window Painting


 During this consultation, I will gather all your information & we will work together to meet your design goals. 

  • Estimate
An estimate will be communicated with in two business days. Your estimate will include all materials, sketches and/or sample boards and time and labor involved for the project. There are no up-front fees for my services and no hidden costs. *additional fees will be added, if the request to add to the mural, outside of the final design, is made (fees will not be added without first discussing add-on pricing).
  • You Decide

After reviewing the estimate, you will decide whether or not to proceed with the project. Your 50% deposit and a signed contract will begin the final design.

  • Review of Pictures, Sketches and/or Sample Boards

If drawing is necessary, we will review the drawn up plan and with the final design approved, we will set a schedule that fits your needs. 

  • Painting Begins

The work will proceed during a time frame agreed upon by the client. The remaining 50% of the project cost will be due upon completion.


  • Prices Vary

 Each project is a unique design to fit your individual needs. The final cost is determined by the level of detail, size and working conditions of the specific project.

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